About Beauche International


Conchita Toribio–Delos Reyes

“Each approaching year is a promise of a new page of renewed confidence!!!

… and it serves as a riveting passion for us to move towards fresh and dynamic ideas to fill in the subsequent chapters of our lives that knits us all together in harmony.”

We are firmly anchored to our claim for abundance, as much as God has created for us a universe with all its promises of bounty enough to be shared by everyone. In the context of this hope, we intend to be ambassadors of wellness who continually encourage everyone to nurture a positive outlook in life – knowing that all change begins in ONESELF.

This starts with the noble pursuit for GOOD HEALTH, POSITIVE THINKING, and HARDWORK that are all integral ingredients to a well-balanced life — this is the rock-foundation to our corporate vision to give beauty and enhance wellness, which must be through means that are highly accessible and within the reach of everyone.

… We have internalized it as a matter of sincere vocation and passion, the goal to TRANSFORM LIVES … and eventually, to enable people to stand at their best as what we believe everyone deserves!

With the great promise of wellness, every person deserves to be lovely princes and Cinderellas in their own right, and never again shall anyone be intimidated by just an obscure dream to be beautifully transformed inside and out.

We help to realize a new generation of people from different walks of life but who can commonly march with their faces up, and with great confidence in their every smile … and that these graceful weapons can be catalysts, in turn, in making a difference in other people’s lives.

… To the myriads of our faithful patrons who have trusted at using our products all these years, we are glad that you continue to do so, and maintain that unique glow that gives you that distinct cut ABOVE THE REST!

… it is in the spirit of mutual benefit that your patronage has significantly propelled the progress and growth of this company … and that our best efforts of gratitude to return the favour is our commitment to make our products even better for your consumption and full satisfaction! — you are at the prime list in our inventory for priority as we live our hard-pushed and genuinely CLIENT-BASED principles in our corporate operations … and this we place on top of our dynamic strategies at financial brilliance and charisma that have further fortified the strength of the company.

The indubitable success of Beauché International today is something we recognize as a consequence of a cooperative effort, and at its very core — the devoted stakeholders and believers in our products and philosophy. In turn, this success has enabled us to give back to communities the blessings that we have received in terms of our extension activities in support of social welfare, such as our scholarship programs to deserving students, community outreach projects for the benefit of our unfortunate folks, continued relief operations by providing economic livelihood and the feeding of street children especially in Dasmariñas, Cavite … these among others has constituted the broadening social legacy of Beauche. For truly – the love we give is the only love we can keep. Likewise, we invite those who want to be part of this enriching business of beauty and wellness – to become part of our global dealership network. A rewarding, profitable venture awaits you in this growing business that generates income to many and brightens the heart of many people – here and abroad…

Be part of it.

Corporate History

Even Beauche’s dramatic unfolding as a business venture traces a history of fine craftsmanship and creative acumen among its originators wrought in a philosophy of love, passion, and dedication to impart wellness to people

Behind the sterling landmark of Beauche’s nationally renowned business success, its founder modestly traces the memory of its humble beginnings with her once simple thrust to seek means to augment her earnings. Serving as a paragon and exemplar of a truly EMPOWERED WOMAN, Conchita Toribio-delos Reyes, or “Madam Che” as the she is fondly called, took upon herself all possible initiatives as a wife and a mother of five to diligently make her own significant economic contributions for the sake of her family, thereby launching herself indefatigably to all sorts of businesses.

And even if she initially made waves then in the insurance business, she didn’t let pass further opportunities to stretch the limits of potential economic ventures. When a chemist broached to her an idea about a cosmetic formula, she enthusiastically commissioned the chemist, a pharmacist and a dermatologist to start the research, development and testing of the products. And after proving its efficacy on various individuals with different skin textures and dermatological problems and revisions on the formulation, the products attained perfection in 2005 — ushering in the birth of what is now known as Beauché Skin Care products!

Its name “Beauche” was coined from an integration of the founder’s namesake “Che” who now serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of a multi-million business.

Beauché International was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on September 8, 2006 under registry no. CS200614330, and also registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) under reg. No. 229139 on September 18, 2006.

Backed up by her apparent strong charism and acumen in the enterprise of selling, and her trust to her newly discovered wonderful product, Mam Che poured in all possible efforts for the debut of Beauché in the market. And with God’s grace, her industry bore fruits. In just a few months, the product was initially gaining startling prominence among the in flight crews of Philippine Airlines, government and public employees, and later sneaking its way to dermatologists and medical doctors nationwide. With the incessant growing demand for the products by a volumizing number of patrons who have proven the products’ efficacy, the company found it exigent to expand its sales offices in Bohol, Cebu and Davao. Consequently, the satisfied customers became distributors themselves, gaining the product widening zones of influence and patronage that reached to as far as Hong Kong, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

Working on these initial phenomenal gains, Mam Che dreamed further to manufacture her own products. And, after only a year of strategic plans and dedicated hard work, the company has grown into what it presently boasts of having one of the well-trusted dermatological plant and laboratory in Dasmariñas Cavite, a monumental proof to its solid determination for progress.

Indeed Beauché International has gained tremendous leaps in the beauty and wellness industry that in just a span of four months, the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) has upgraded its License to Operate (LTO) No. RDII- RIV-CT-015 dated June 26, 2007 as a cosmetic trader to a toll manufacturer of cosmetic and non-cosmetic products under LTO No. RDII- RIV- CL-64 dated October 26, 2007! A simple dream turned into reality; but it doesn’t end there. For until now, Mam Che continues to capitalize not only skin care and wellness products but household products as well for the Filipino consumers in particular, and the world market in general paving its queue of national and international linkages and recognitions.

Corporate Vission

Beauché International’s stern vision to sustain its leadership in the Skin Care Industry is anchored on its core values for excellent customer service, pioneering technology, creativity, integrity, and social responsibility.

Continually innovating and trend-setting wellness, cosmetic and household products aligned with the full guarantee of satisfaction and needs of its clients;

Observing the highest ethical standards in carefully selecting the most appropriate technologies to its service business centers and operations in key economic zones found in the Philippines and the world;

Empowering people for their opportunity to earn in support of their well-being and happiness;

Fully recognizing the contributions of its business partners in developing a culture of excellence, integrity, and genuine customer-centered advocacy;

Contributing to the well-being of society and the environment in which the company functions;

Committing to be a global corporate citizen that is held as a model of success, through respect for diversity, and helping associates achieve their highest potential in a positive work environment.

Corporate Mission

Articulating on its legacy as a total skin management product developer, provider and trader most admired for its progressive business dynamics and guaranteed customer satisfaction worldwide, Beauché International focuses on continually striving to achieve its core aspirations

Leader in wellness thrusts. Establish its distinct line of relevant products that are guaranteed to be at par competitive if not superior in quality with other global enterprises offering parallel services.

Viable choice for partnership.Become a significant venue for business partnership, thereby empowering people by tapping on their financial enrichment capabilities and skills and potential for further economic enrichment.

Provide recognition to people’s trustworthy sense of industry in the service and support of the company, making it easy and rewarding to be affiliated with Beauche International.

Cause-oriented. Serve as a foundation dedicated to people’s empowerment, just as the company also started with the founder’s impetus to empower herself, so does the company wish to share the same commitment via its philanthropic efforts to focus on the multi-dimensional development of its patrons, partners and associates for the cause of improving their well-being and stature in life.